Monday, January 4, 2010

my commitments

during my long drive home yesterday, i honed in on my desire for america, and for me personally, to live a more PURE lifestyle. i have chosen three avenues:
1) walk/bike/public transportation
2) local produce
3) unemployment/homelessness

1) i will drive significantly less because i HATE city traffic, lights, concrete roads and parking lots, and all the rush, road rage, and anxiety it all creates. i should be one less car.
2) i will join the local produce co-op through which i will get local produce delivered to me weekly. i choose this to practice a more local, sustainable lifestyle, and because i hate how americans have become (or were we always?) so demanding and viral; i imagine gross tentacles spread all over the earth, sucking her life force as we please.
3) i want to help combat joblessness and homelessness; to do this, i will prioritize familiarizing myself with local baltimore resources and spread the word to people in need, through work and/or privately.

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