Thursday, January 5, 2012

hannah's commitments

my mission for this year is simple

1.i plan to buy “green” products.
2.i plan on using a compost for all compostable waste, and i eat a lot of fruit.
3.i want to buy more local produce once it is in season.
4.i will make more of an effort to unplug electronics when not in use.
5.i am going to clean out my closet and donate them to the local goodwill.
6.i would love to say that i will not use as much gas for my car, but unforunately i like to travel often. but while i am at home, i will try to bike and walk more often. one big goal is to travel to a distant land and volunteer to hopefully make even the smallest contribution to even one person. i sometimes find that making a little difference in one person;s life, can in turn make a difference in someone elses life (i believe they call this “paying it forward”- but i really don’t like to promote that movie).
8.i am just starting my masters in midwifery (hopefully this will better who i am educationally)--this is hopefully to give more to-be families their choice in how they choose to have a baby.

this is just a start, i am sure there are more that i am not even aware of, that perhaps i am even doing. i know at first, i said it was simple, and i believe most of my goals are. but i do intend on following through on all of them. keep me in check

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