Friday, January 6, 2012

evergreen's commitment

so i think this is actually my first year to take full initiative in HID.
i could list a number of things that i would like to do, and hopefully will, but for now and officially im only picking one.

and that is recycling at my college campus branch. when i was at my main college campus 2 years ago, there still was not really recycling.

i've contacted some people at my college branch and learned that recycling has now started throughout the whole main campus.

this is great news, but still there is not recycling at my lil branch, and the soda bottles and paper pile up in minuets.

i've written a letter to some "higher up" people at my school- faculty and students, as a start.

school doesn't actually start till next week, so im just going one step at a time and waiting to see how people respond.

so hopefully by the start of next year we will have a full recycling program instituted.

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