Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's that time again!!  Yep, that's right, HID is back! As January 5th is coming to a close (it's 8:30 pm and i'm at work), I'm going to post my thoughts now, however scrappy, so at least i've gotten things started this year:


1) professionally (which, thankfully, as i am a social worker, can have great and important social ramifications)-- redirect my career to address another population and/or another setting-- as this is a public site, i will be vague-- but who pops to mind (due to setting my heart on fire) is:

 -- those who are homeless (making a showing for the fourth consecutive year on this site!)
 -- those who are dying
-- those who are low income facing numerous obstacles to equality and social justice (i currently work with these folks, but i am not satisfied with numerous facets of the context in which i work and the types of assistance i am charged with providing.)

reasons for this intention: i am rarely set on fire at work, which means i am not personally satisfied. my gifts are not of sufficient use here, which is a waste. this has gone on long enough.

 2) on a more personal, intimate level-- regarding my ENERGY-- focus on FOSTERING PEACE internally, and focus on EMITTING BRIGHTNESS outwardly. i think continual dedication to these two goals-- soft yellow on the inside, poppin' brights on the out-- would aid me, you, and them. this is for our country.

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